Cagsawa Ruins

After visiting our dearly departed relatives, we then proceeded to one of Legaspi City's popular tourist spots, Cagsawa Ruins Park.  There's really not much to do here but see the world's most perfect cone shaped volcano, Mount Mayon and what remains of Cagsawa Church after the 1814 eruption of the volcano.  I wanted the kids, Urielle,… Continue reading Cagsawa Ruins


Muladbucad White Beach

After Padir's birthday get together yesterday, it's beach time today! Our tour guide was my cousin Bong. He knows a lot of people and good places to go, a very good combination for a large group like us (getting discounts on entrance fees). He told us he's taking us to a beautiful white sand beach - the… Continue reading Muladbucad White Beach


Vacation Time

When I was planning my two week vacation in the Philippines to celebrate my Dad's birthday, I asked him what he wanted to do and where he wanted to go. I was glad to know that he wanted to go to Bicol because after the too many unpleasant and congested traffic experiences I had last… Continue reading Vacation Time



I'm one of those kids who were lucky enough to experience living in the city and  on a farm. My grandfather owns a farm in Bicol and I remember getting excited every time my family would visit Pa and Ma, my grandparents, on summer vacations. Who wouldn't be? Air is fresher in Bicol. Life is simpler and… Continue reading Bicol


Coconut, The Philippines’ Tree of Life

On our way to work today, I received a text from my sister asking for assistance on the homework of my niece, Nina.  Usually, I reply back to her with links of websites she can browse to give her ideas on what and how to complete her daughter’s homework. However the topic, “Why is the… Continue reading Coconut, The Philippines’ Tree of Life


Breakfast at Pa’s

My breakfast today took me back to those days when I used to visit my grandparents. I had baked saging na saba (burro bananas/plantain) and a cup of white tea. As a kid I remember my family used to visit Pa and Ma (that's how we fondly call our grandparents) and our relatives in Bicol on summer vacations. We would… Continue reading Breakfast at Pa’s