Kansas City Zoo

Tashi and I both took the day off today and decided to use the free entrance coupon to the Zoo that the Kansas City Zoo sent us last month. We started our adventure by paying Nikita and Berlin a visit at the Polar Bear Passage. I was glad to see that despite being watched by… Continue reading Kansas City Zoo


Planet Comicon 2014

Tashi bought our tickets to this year's Planet Comicon last February. Yep. He doesn't like long lines (who does anyway?) so he buys our tickets as early as he can. This year I wanted to cosplay as Hatsune Miku but chickened out again.  I don't know when will I ever have the courage to dress… Continue reading Planet Comicon 2014


Taal Volcano and Lake

  My post about the Lake Jacomo reminded me of the Philippines' Taal Volcano and Lake. So, I decided to post a few photos of the volcano and lake Tashi and I took during our visit to the Philippines last April 2011. Initially, our plan was just to go to Tagaytay to buy balisongs (butterfly… Continue reading Taal Volcano and Lake