Vacation Time

When I was planning my two week vacation in the Philippines to celebrate my Dad's birthday, I asked him what he wanted to do and where he wanted to go. I was glad to know that he wanted to go to Bicol because after the too many unpleasant and congested traffic experiences I had last… Continue reading Vacation Time


Christmas Day

After ten years, I am once again celebrating Christmas in the Philippines.  Philippines is known for having the longest Christmas Season in the world. As early as September 1st, Filipinos start preparing for the Season - radio stations start playing Christmas carols while houses, malls and even the streets get a make-over as everything gets… Continue reading Christmas Day



One more week and I'll be traveling to the Philippines. It's been ten years since I last spent Christmas in the Philippines with my family and friends. I look forward to once again experience the Filipino Christmas traditions like Simbang Gabi (Night Mass), Christmas Parties, Caroling and Noche Buena (Night of Christmas Eve Feast). Christmas… Continue reading Philippines


Wedding Anniversary

"I'm at work. Happy Anniversary, Babe. Eight years. Sigh, went by too fast."  These are Tashi's text to me this morning.  He had to work today so we sent our anniversary greetings to each other through texts. Yep. It's been eight years. Time went by so fast - two bunnies, three geckos, two trips to… Continue reading Wedding Anniversary


Coconut, The Philippines’ Tree of Life

On our way to work today, I received a text from my sister asking for assistance on the homework of my niece, Nina.  Usually, I reply back to her with links of websites she can browse to give her ideas on what and how to complete her daughter’s homework. However the topic, “Why is the… Continue reading Coconut, The Philippines’ Tree of Life


Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup, 3rd Runner-Up

Miss Universe fever is on.  I wasn't planning on watching the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant tonight. I wasn't even aware about it until a few friends from the Philippines asked me if I can help them find a website that has live streaming. To make the long story short, I got hooked and soon found… Continue reading Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup, 3rd Runner-Up


Quack Doctor

A quack in the Philippines is quite different from what the term means in a Western context. We have to put it in a specific context to create a relational identification though it may not be entirely accurate.In the Western context, a quack doctor is someone who either uses unproven or unorthodox techniques or medicinals… Continue reading Quack Doctor


An evening with pinay friends

  My pinay (colloquial word for Filipina) friend invited me over to her twin son’s graduation party a couple of days ago. I was excited to go because that was an opportunity for me to meet and make new friends from my country. In my five years in the US I have only met a… Continue reading An evening with pinay friends


Filipino kid’s bloodsport aka spider fighting – Part 1

Growing up in a family with mostly male cousins, both on my father and mother side, was equally challenging and interesting. I wasn’t treated special just ‘coz I’m a girl. I had to be one of the boys to be able to join their games and activities, including spider fighting. Spider fighting is a popular… Continue reading Filipino kid’s bloodsport aka spider fighting – Part 1


Saliva, good for what ails you part 2

  Kevin can be quite the practical joker. First I thought I misunderstood him. Then from the look of the grin on his face I thought he was kidding around.Now maybe I misunderstood, but from what I remember, I was told that someone had brought evil spirits with them and those evil spirits were upsetting… Continue reading Saliva, good for what ails you part 2