How To Apply For Your First Credit Card

  One of the challenges that Pinays face when they are new to the United States is applying for a credit card.  It's quite difficult to apply for one for the first time as there's not a lot of credit card companies who would be eager to extend you credit.  Why? Because you haven't established… Continue reading How To Apply For Your First Credit Card


An evening with pinay friends

  My pinay (colloquial word for Filipina) friend invited me over to her twin son’s graduation party a couple of days ago. I was excited to go because that was an opportunity for me to meet and make new friends from my country. In my five years in the US I have only met a… Continue reading An evening with pinay friends


America, my home away from home

Being among the many Filipinos living in the United States, I am one of those who were blessed to have found a home away from home. America is a great country. A wonderful place to live. The land of opportunities where dreams happen. A place for greener pasture for some, a refuge for others. Unlike… Continue reading America, my home away from home