Lugaw, My Comfort Food

  I just spent the last two hours in my kitchen and ended up with four dishes; Sweet and Sour Tuna, Mexican Chicken Lime Soup, Sauteed Bean Sprouts and my favorite comfort food, Lugaw. Whether you call it porridge, congee, arroz caldo or rice soup, we Filipinos simply call it lugaw, soft-boiled glutinous rice simmered… Continue reading Lugaw, My Comfort Food


Filipino Street Food Fishballs

Fish, what? That was Tashi’s reaction when my brother – on one of their ’strolling Manila’ moments – asked him if he wanted to try fishballs. Per my brother’s observation, Tashi was a little hesitant on trying it (he later on told us he thought my brother was referring to the fish’s balls and since… Continue reading Filipino Street Food Fishballs